Please visit Hidden Ocean 2016 – Chukchi Borderlands for my collection of Arctic videos and photos.

Nikon D850 – A Day at the San Antonio Zoo – October 2017
Personal Project
Roles: Videographer, Editor

ROV Launch in 360 – July 2017
Contract with the Global Foundation for Ocean Exploration
Roles: Videographer, Editor

Spiny-Backed Orb Weaver Makes a Web – June 2017
Personal Project
Roles: Videographer, Editor

Hunting the Horned Horse – November 2015
Graduate Thesis
Roles: Producer, Writer, Animator

PKT Promotional Video – August 2015
Roles: Producer, Editor, Animator

Deep Roots Montana – January 2015
Personal Project
Roles: Producer, Cinematographer, Editor

The Mermaid in the Classroom – May 2014
Special Note: Official Selection for the Element Film Festival 2014
Personal Project
Roles: Producer, Editor

Life On TERRA Promotional Video
Student Volunteer
Role: Editor

Montana University System Materials Science PhD Program Promotional Video
Roles: Producer, Cinematographer, Editor


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